The 2019 Conditions of Entry, Exhibition Entry Form, Guidelines and Labels are now available for you to access via the Entry Forms menu below. 

Venue for the Annual Exhibition is The Auditorium, Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha, Toowong. Open to the Public from 9am to 4pm on 30th and 31st August and 1st September.

Forms and Conditions of Entry for WSQ Annual Exhibitions 

 Organisation  Description  Closing Dates  Exhibition Dates  Entry Forms
Watercolour Society of Queensland inc.

8th August 2019 
Set up Thursday 29th August Exhibition 30th 31st August  and 1st September  

Annual Exhibition

Exhibition Entry Form

Conditions of Entry

Guidelines for Framing

Guidelines for Unframed Works

Guidelines for Miniature Works

Exhibition Labels

Downloading your Entry Form:
  • Click on the Exhibition Entry Form link in the far right column in the table above. 
  • The Form will appear on your screen.
  • Do not attempt to fill in this version of the Form on the web browser.
  • You must download the Entry Form by clicking the Download icon on the top right corner of this screen.  
  • Once you have located the downloaded file in your computer’s directory, save it as a MS Word document with your name in the filename:

                             Exhibition Entry Form 2019 ‘Your Name’.docx


       An example is:       Exhibition Entry Form 2019 Jenny Loveday.docx

  • If you cannot find your file in ‘Downloads”, search for Exhibition Entry Form. 
  • Please also download and read the Conditions of Entry, (which incorporates Guidelines for Framing, Guidelines for Unframed Works and Guidelines for Miniature Works) and the Exhibition Labels to complete with your artwork’s details.

Completing your Exhibition Entry Form:

  • Refer to the Exhibition Entry Form (EEF) and Section 5 of the Conditions of Entry for further information about completing and returning your entry.
  • The EEF is a fillable form to make it easier for Members to complete and to provide an efficient process for the organisers. 
  • Use tab or arrow keys to move between the form fields.  When each active form field becomes highlighted in grey, enter your details.
  •  Hover the mouse pointer over the Categories dropdown boxes (left column) to select one option.
  • There are tick boxes to select types of payment, Roster Duty, acceptance of conditions etc. Hover the pointer over the square and click to select or click again to deselect. 
  • Complete the Form, and then save it again in the same MS Word format and file. Please do not return this form as a PDF, as the information cannot be accessed by the organisers.
  • Email the completed Form to and include a confirmation that you have paid the applicable Entry Fees.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact WSQ, if you require assistance in completing your Exhibition Entry Form.