Deidre Thom started watercolour painting in 2003 , when she was introduced to it by the well known NZ watercolour artist Jacky Pearson, a friend of hers when she lived in Wellington.  After that she joined an art society to have weekly informal paint sessions. She also joined the NZ Watercolour Society and exhibited with them.

Deidre and her family moved to Australia in 2007. 

Deidre is featured in Artist Palette magazine, issue 122, in their Woodlands Gallery as the prize winner. 

During the September 2014 Annual Exhibition, Deidre was awarded second prize with one of her paintings, as well as a special mention prize.

Nature, flowers, birds and fruit are her favourite subjects. 

Deidre is totally fascinated by light on her subjects. She describes her method as painstaking, realistic and very therapeutic.

Kookaburra Up Close


A Bright Night

Fig Birds

Shady Ladies

Sweet Surrender