Kev Smith could be regarded as a very late starter with his art career. Always keen on artistic pastimes. Kev had his first success in competition by winning the junior art Prize then ran by the now defunct Telegraph News Paper.

Then about 10 years of age his winning entry was actually painted with "Kiwi" white "Sand shoe Cleaner" with the addition of some hobby art colours for effect. Education, Work, Family and other demands then became very important and artistic pursuits where pushed well into the background.

The interest in things paintable was reignited while working for a large company and managing a vast territory ranging from Toowoomba to Northern N.S.W and all points West. It was during the long drives through this beautiful rural area that scenes of trees, blue hills and ever-changing skies stirred once again the wish to record the great Australian bush scenes he was witnessing. These Scenes were strongly imprinted into Kev's memory and although it was still quite a few years before painting commenced they remained a huge library of painting subjects.

The actual mechanics of applying these pictures to canvas or paper was commenced after a health scare and a decision was made that if he survived he would seek out someone who might show him how to get down what was in his head. A chance meeting with the then President of the Water Colour Society of Qld got things rolling and Kev was soon in a beginners class with veteran watercolourist Roy Pye.

Since these initial lessons Kev. has become completely hooked on Watercolour and has been fortunate enough to spend many happy days being instructed by tutors considered to be in the top 10 Water-colourists in the world these Masters including: Joseph Zbukvic; Alvaro Castagnet; Ross Paterson and Herman Pekel.

Kev is currently a Life Member of the QLD WaterColour Society and also instructs those wishing to take up this Art Form by running very popular Beginners Classes. Although not one to enter Art Competitions, Kev. has had moderate success in contests with his peers.

Kev. has sold many of his unique watercolours both in Australia and overseas.

However, Kev. differs with other Landscape artists due to his subject matter, he uses no reference material eg. photos etc. and relies entirely on his recall of those Wonderful vistas he witnessed around the "DOWNS" and paints the pictures that linger in his mind. 


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