Yasaman Dehghan   I started painting at an early age. I remember that I enjoyed going to the cultural centre near our house to paint in company with my peers. Since I showed a great talent, I was encouraged to continue paintings more professionally. Although I used to do painting sporadically in my free time as a hobby, I never stopped doing it even in difficulties.

After a little experience in oil painting, I realized that I needed something more subtle, energetic and fluid. So, I chose watercolour which I found the best medium so suit my personality. This medium is unpredictable like destiny. I cannot forecast what exactly would happen in my painting; however, I direct it to its foremost. I always embrace the simultaneity of spontaneity and control in watercolour which, I believe, addresses the ambiguity and beauty of life. Thereby, according to what is happening at the time of painting, in terms of my emotions, the essence of water and colour and my image of subject, I choose how to continue it.

Having studied architecture at university, I learned much about solids and voids, light and shadow, colors and compositions which have enabled me to paint more skillfully than before.

In addition to painting with watercolor, I love teaching it and I have some experience as a tutor. Moreover, participation in competitions is an activity of my interest. When I was 16, I obtained the first rank of the Student Art Competition in my country. Also, one of my paintings was accepted in Iranian Young Art Festival and it was displayed in its 2004 exhibition. In 2007, I held an exhibition in Tehran, Iran.

I have recently moved into Brisbane and joined the Watercolour Society of Queensland. I aim to continue my activity more professionally in beautiful Queensland which owns lots of splendid views for painting.

contact: yasaman.dehghan1987@gmail.com


Hungry Birds 

After Rain 

 Iranian Village

Colourful Fall

Iranian Nomadic Girl 


Mountain Flower